Aireshield Applications:

Benefits of our Aireshield Technology:

Cutting Edge Features:

  • World-wide patent pending, innovative design
  • State-of-the-art confined plasma technology
  • Non emitting, confined, high voltage plasma field
  • Typical Disinfection efficiency > 99%
  • Low ozone design < 1 ppb (CSA 22.2)
  • UL 2998 pending
  • Radon removal rate > 88% (currently in testing)
  • Inactivates RNA based pathogens (viruses)
  • Kills DNA based pathogens
  • Effective against:
    – Viruses
    – Microbials
    – Influenza
    – Airborne mold spores
    – Bacteria
    – Allergens

  • With no moving parts, the Aireshield offers near silent operation.
  • Low static pressure design
  • No need to increase fan motor capacity compared to high static pressure filters
  • The low static pressure lends itself to conventional fan/motor designs
  • Easy drop in, to retrofit existing systems
  • No increase of static pressure between service intervals (will not plug up)
  • Efficient HVAC operation
    – lower static pressure
    – lower motor power consumption
    – lower electrical operating cost
    – lower emissions
  • No filter replacement for 15+ years
    – eliminates handling contaminated filters
    – eliminates dirty filters going to landfills
    – no need for consumables
  • Eliminates consumable costs
  • Enhanced sub-micron particle filtration (PM2.5)
  • Improved MERV rating of existing filters

Mold Test Report - in Residential Home in Florida
Mold Test Report – in Residential Home in Florida