Reviveaire + Freytech

Reviveaire Welcomes Freytech: A New Era in Sustainable Air Solutions in Europe and the Gulf Countries

We are excited to embark on a new chapter at Reviveaire with the addition of Freytech Inc. as our official channel partner in Europe and the Middle East. This partnership is built on similar go-to-market strategy with engineered solutions for filtration. This alliance signifies a major milestone in our mission to transform indoor air quality solutions across Europe and the Gulf countries.

By integrating Freytech’s channel partners in Europe and the Gulf countries with Reviveaire’s cutting-edge technologies, we look forward to increasing market share with our Non-Thermal Plasma Technologies. This collaboration not only enhances our market footprint but also propels us closer to our objective of elevating air quality standards and ensuring healthier indoor environments for homes, offices, and industrial spaces.

Together, we are eager to deliver significant advancements in air quality that positively impact the health and well-being of individuals.

Thank you for your continued support. Keep an eye out for further updates as we progress with Freytech Inc. Together, we aim to redefine industry standards in air quality, fostering environments where clean and safe air contributes to healthier living.